But for all our citizens - audiences, artists, donors, volunteers, tax-payers, students - this is mainstream arts telling us that the voices and stories and perspective of women and people of color are not important, not relevant, not worth telling, sharing or knowing. The Guthrie has a tremendous amount of talent, resource, and community support with which its artists could be broadening our experience, inspiring us to greater empathy and deeper understanding of ALL the people in our world. And like any theater, they depend on growing and diversifying their audience to thrive. So the continued bias against women and people of color in leadership and authorship is either embarrassingly myopic or willfully negligent.

Leah Cooper, theater director and head of the Minnesota Theater Alliance, comments on the Guthrie’s upcoming season and its lack of plays written or directed by women or people of color.

Read more from State of the Arts blogger Marianne Combs who asks, “Where’s the diversity in the Guthrie’s new season?”

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